How well do you know your post-birth body?

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1) How soon can you get into a post natal exercise program?

2) Iron, zinc, vitamin D and fatty acids are essential for new mothers. Which of the following should be avoided?

3) What ratio of women leak urine post birth?

4) The following can occur post birth?

5) The separation of the top layer of abdominal muscles is called Rectus Abdominus Diasastus. It can cause which of the following symptoms?

6) Which of the following foods support breastmilk production?

7) Which of the following will NOT restore your energy levels

8) True of false - if someone loves you, they will know what you need?

9) In the new mum world, BS stands for...?

10) True or false - men can get post natal depression?

11) True or false - if you go to your baby too much you will spoil them?

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