Nadia Lim is a world-renowned cook, entrepreneur and media personality based in New Zealand. She shot to fame after winning MasterChef New Zealand in 2011. This win inspired her to leave her day job as a clinical dietitian and follow her passion for teaching people how to cook everyday healthy food.

Today Nadia is a top food writer and the author of nine best-selling cookbooks. In 2016 she was voted the second most influential female in New Zealand (in the 20 to 55-year bracket). She is also a co-founder of My Food Bag, a phenomenally-successful company that delivers delicious ingredients and simple recipes to customers’ homes every week. Recently she launched her bimonthly NADIA Magazine, which won the 2017 New Zealand Supreme Magazine of the Year awards.

With a demanding business schedule, a young toddler and a new baby to care for, Nadia understands the importance of keeping fit and staying well-nourished. Motherhood requires lots of energy, as well as food that supports a positive state of mind.

All of our recipes have come from Nadia’s own test kitchen and are focused on simplicity and big flavours. You’ll find them not only delicious but easy to create at home.

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