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We know you’re not going to trust just anyone for the advice and ideas you need to be a good mama, a happy mama and a healthy mama. That’s why the people behind wowMama are both experts and mothers. Knowledge and mother-sense are a powerful combination.

About wowMama

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The resources you can access through this website cover off every aspect of mamahood, but with a special focus on you and your needs. We take this approach because we believe that a healthy mama makes for a happy bubba. And a happy bubba makes for a healthier mama. It’s a virtuous cycle, rather than a vicious one.

With wowMama on your side, you’ll find that you don’t need to trawl Google for the answers, which means you’ll have more time for good eating, exercise, relaxation and fun.

When you sign up for the goMama program you will get 24/7 access to an online course specifically designed for women bouncing back after giving birth. The full goMama course is not just about exercise. You will also get access to delicious and nutritious recipes, advice from a clinical psychologist on navigating the emotional rollercoaster your hormones are riding, and guidance from a specialist physiotherapist on recovery from the inside out. This course is perfect for anyone 6 weeks post partum.

Why wowµama?


About wowMama

There’s a lot of information out there about motherhood and pregnancy, but some of it is rubbish and a lot of it is conflicting. Leaping from site to site looking for answers isn’t ideal when you’re sleep deprived and anxious. At wowMama we believe that bouncing back from childbirth should be a natural and rewarding journey. However we’re realists, so we know that some days will be better than others. From what we’ve experienced, both as mamas and as subject matter experts, good information will always tip the balance in favour of the better days.

Who’s behind wowµama?


The wowMama team includes experts across the clinical aspects of birth recovery, exercise, dietary advice and head space.


We’re all tertiary-qualified with years of experience behind us, plus we’re mothers ourselves. We’ve been where you are and we’d love to help guide you through the phases of mamahood that lie ahead of you.We decided to create wowMama in response to an alarming number of women who’ve been given poor advice and guidance or simply didn’t know how damaging certain exercises, eating habits and thought patterns can be post birth. As a group of medical, dietitian and physical therapy practitioners, we’re all too aware of what can go wrong. But we’re also very in tune with all the great things that can be done to assist the bounce-back process.

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How can wowµama help you?


New mothers are exposed to so much information, through coffee groups, social media and late-night internet searches. When we were new mamas, we found this created anxiety, apprehension, confusion and uncertainty about what to do, think and feel. We’d love to help you cut through this nonsense by providing credible advice from a panel of qualified experts. By dipping into just one source of knowledge, you’ll have more time to get on with looking after yourself!

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Knowledge is power!


Our content is based on proven science; there are no fad trends, radical ideas or bizarre diets. We won’t claim to fix your aches or pains, see you drop four dress sizes or cure post-natal depression. Instead we’ll arm you with knowledge for early intervention and prevention of health issues related to being a mother. We’ll also help you to install healthy eating and exercise behaviours that will give you the energy to be the best mother you can. Get ready for a positive lifestyle change!