we help new µamas bounce back from pregnancy

Healthy mama, happy bubba

wowµama is a complete postnatal recovery plan that makes bouncing back from pregnancy, faster, safer and more enjoyable.


We’re here to train you up and provide expert advice on your physical and emotional wellbeing so that you feel confident about the daily decisions every mama has to make.

With wowMama working for your wellbeing, your baby’s wellbeing will naturally follow. Sign up to our online program and be guided on a journey to being a happy healthy mama.



Get fit with our specialist postnatal exercise programme. Safe, easy-to-follow exercise and physio routines that you can do online from the comfort of your home.
Eating Well

Eating well

Eat well, and give your body what it needs! Delicious, easy-to-make recipes that have the specific nutrition and calorie control that new mamas need to nurture their new baby and bounce back quickly. View online or download and print.
Feeling Well

Emotional wellness

Psychology and keeping sane! Short and punchy video insights, tips and strategies from a top psychologist to help you stay sane, well-slept and happy during your baby’s early years.
Living well

Healing your body

Physio and core strengthening to get you feeling good. Credible and easily-understood medical information in video format that lets you know what’s happening to your body. Knowledge is power!

Our programmes compared

The complete postnatal program



Exercise program & pelvic floor strengthening
Emotional wellness & self care
Healing your body

The postnatal exercise program


goMama Lite

Exercise program & pelvic floor strengthening
Emotional wellness & self care
Healing your body


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Why choose wowµama

Our focus is you. Your physical and mental health, your ability to cope with less sleep and more stress, and your belief in yourself.


Join us and have 24/7 online access to a wealth of information and insight –  all underpinned by proven scientific and medical research.  Our content is delivered online by a team of credible experts, each one handpicked to suit the demands of contemporary motherhood. They’re all professionally qualified, well-published authorities on everything to do with the mind and body of a healthy modern mama. We know your ‘me time’ is scarce, so we have punchy videos from our clinical psychologist and physiotherapist, safe exercise programs that can be done in your own time and quick, delicious recipes that will fit in with your busy day.

With the goMama program you will be armed with all the knowledge to help guide you towards safe exercise, nutritious food and a healthy mind.



How well do you know your post-birth body?

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